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     Kinetic Element is truly something unique. They will take you on a journey through their original music of the progressive rock persuasion. Kinetic Element is a progressive rock band from Richmond, Virginia. This music is a great mix of progressive and classic rock, jazz, blues and fusion all put together in an enlightening way that touches your spirit and soul. Personnel: Mike Visaggio on keyboards (vocals), Michael Murray on drums (vocals) and Todd Russell on guitars. The passion for the music comes out in every one of their shows; you can feel the energy when this band plays their music.

Mike Visaggio Mike Visaggio
Keyboards, Vocals

Mike Visaggio is the founder of Kinetic Element and has been involved in music since 1962.  He began playing the accordion, which was inspired by his uncle and in 1968 was over heard playing Beatle songs on the accordion then asked to join his first band.  Mike has played in a number of New York City cover bands and progressive rock groups such as Randori (early ‘70s), Innervision (early ‘80s), and also recorded several albums with noted singer-songwriter Billy Falcon’s “Burning Rose” from 1977-1981.  Mike also played with Richmond's legendary band The Strokers in the early 2000s. The veteran keyboardist began his first foray back into the realm of progressive music, after a long hiatus, with spiritually tinged neo-symphonic music and produced a solo CD called STARSHIP UNIVERSE (2006). That sentiment carried over into the project POWERED BY LIGHT (2009) which musically reflects Hammond B3 organ and synthesizer giants like Keith Emerson and Tony Kaye as well as Rick Wakeman and Geoff Downes.  [Q&A with Mike]

Michael MurrayMichael Murray
Drums, Vocals

Michael's dad is a drummer who started while he was in school and has been playing gigs around the Norfolk area since he was a teenager and is still playing to this day. Michael really got started in 6th grade with the school band. Michael would jump on his dads drums and play them every chance he got, so he's been playing since he was a kid. Michael has played off and on in his spare time since with many bands doing blues, rock, country/southern rock and more.  He enjoys blues, jazz, rock, and especially progressive rock.  Michael helped Mike Visaggio with three tracks on his solo project "Starship Universe" and joined Mike in September 2006 to form Kinetic Element, and came up with name for the band, KINETIC ELEMENT.  [Q&A with Michael]

Todd RussellTodd Russell

Todd is a classically trained musician from the Richmond area. He joined Kinetic Element in November of 2008 and has been working into the music. He is on the recording of Powered by Light that the band has recorded and has transformed KE's sound by his playing. Todd is a big fan of Steve Howe and after playing classical and jazz for many years is in his first progressive rock group.  [Q&A with Todd]



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